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Beauty Treatment

Aesthetic services and spa treatments are gaining in popularity and are no longer considered only a luxury. The services may include:

  • Facial or body waxing hair removal, or wax treatments.
  • Facial treatments and body wraps/soaks using different cleansers and lotions.
  • Cosmetic application.
  • Electrolysis.

There are risks associated with these services. Some of these risks can include bacterial, viral and fungal infections if the beautician is not using good infection-control practices.

Things to Look For Upon entering the salon/spa:

  • Does it appear clean?
  • Is the area free of dust or items from the previous client?
  • Are they just quickly cleaning up around you before starting?
  • If it looks “messy” and unorganized, this may be a sign of poor infection control practices.

Before beginning your treatment:

  • Has the Personal Service Worker (PSW) washed his or her hands?
  • Or has he/she used alcohol hand sanitizer?
  • Have all the tools being used for your treatment (for example, tweezers, tools for extractions, tubes and brushes) been properly cleaned, disinfected or sterilized?
  • Ask the PSW how these tools were cleaned, disinfected, sterilized.

During your treatment:

  • If a needle or blade is going to be used during your treatment, ask if it is pre-packaged or has been sterilized.
  • You can even ask them to open it in front of you.
  • Single use, disposable items must be used where possible (for example, sponges, wooden spatulas/sticks, cotton swabs, tissues). These items must not be reused.
  • Make sure during waxing, makeup application or removal of lotion/cream from one common container, that the PSW uses a spatula, stick, or swab only once, and then throws it away.
  • The main rule of thumb to remember is, watch,and ask to make sure there is “ NO DOUBLE DIPPING !!!”

For more information call the Infectious Disease Team of the Haldimand-Norfolk Health Unit.


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