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Breast cancer

Breast cancer is the most common cancer in Ontario women.

In 2009 it is estimated that:

  • 8,700 Ontario women will be diagnosed with breast cancer.
  • 2,100 Ontario women will die from it.
  • 80% of breast cancers are found in women over the age of 50 and 50% of breast cancers occur in women aged 50-69.
  • One in nine women has a chance of developing breast cancer in her lifetime.

Regular breast screening can find cancers early when they are small and less likely to have spread.

Between 1989 and 2004, breast cancer mortality rates in Ontario women aged 50 to 69 decreased by 33%. This decrease is credited to both improved cancer treatments and increased participation in breast screening.

Breast screening using mammography is recommended for women aged 50 to 69.

Most women (more than 95%) are alive and well five years after early detection and treatment of breast cancer.

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