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Caffeine and Herbal Teas

Need your morning coffee or tea? Your baby might not! When you drink caffeinated beverages, it moves from your bloodstream into the baby’s bloodstream. For this reason it is important to keep your caffeine intake to less than 300mg per day.

  • One cup of coffee contains 100-300mg caffeine per cup depending on the strength.
  • One cup of tea contains between 40-120 mg caffeine per cup depending on strength.

Herbal teas are usually caffeine free, but not all herbal teas are safe during pregnancy. Herbal teas that can be consumed in moderation include ginger, bitter orange, orange peel, peppermint, Echinacea and rose hip. There is not enough research to show that other herbal teas are safe to consume during pregnancy.

It is also important to watch your carbonated beverage intake, because they can also contain caffeine. Be sure to check the nutrition label and ingredient list!

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