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Calendar Method

Requires keeping track of your menstrual cycles and taking vaginal mucous and body temperature readings.

When using this method, don’t have sex during the fertile days (when you are most at risk for pregnancy).


Discuss this with your doctor or the staff at the sexual health clinic.



Average Cost

Cost of calendar and thermometer


  • Can help enhance a woman’s awareness of her body in relationship to her menstrual cycle
  • No side effects
  • No use of chemicals or devices
  • Is useful in achieving pregnancy when desired
  • Acceptable to people with religious concerns about birth control


  • Unreliable method if periods are irregular or menstrual cycles upset
  • Requires continuous monitoring and keeping accurate records
  • Disturbs natural sex life
  • Requires abstinence for more than a week each month
  • Can be difficult to follow if you are running a fever or have vaginal infection
  • 20-40% failure rate
  • Does not protect against STD/HIV
  • Requires the cooperation of both partners

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