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Ear Piercing

Things to know before you get your ears pierced

There are two ways to have your ears pierced, with a hollow sterile needle or a piercing “gun” or “device.” Most tattoo and piercing shops will use the hollow sterile needle, while hair salons or spas will use the “gun” or “device.”

Things to Look For

  1. Make sure the area where the piercing is being conducted appears clean.
  2.  The piercing device must have disposable cartridges or adaptors that are used only once and then discarded. The only part that touches your earlobe should be the cartridge/adaptor and not the actual device.
  3.  Only ear lobes can be pierced using the piercing device. Cartilage can only be pierced using the sterile hollow needle method. The device could crush the cartilage causing infection and/or deformation of the ear. Other parts of the body such as the nose or naval must be pierced using a hollow sterile needle and not a piercing device.
  4. The piercing device must be stored in a clean, closed container. It should not just be sitting out on a counter top.
  5. The person piercing your ears must wash his or her hands first and wear disposable gloves.
  6. The ear must be cleaned using a skin antiseptic, marked with an iodine pen, then wiped again with the skin antiseptic.
  7. After your ears have been pierced, the cartridge must be discarded.
  8. Before leaving, you must be provided with written and verbal aftercare instructions.

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