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Healthy Eating

Ready to make changes that stick? Make 2020 the year you get SMART about your nutrition goals.

So…it’s your New Year’s resolution to start eating healthier. That’s great! But what exactly are you going to do? Here’s an example of how you can make that resolution into a SMART goal— get Specific, Measurable, Action-oriented, Realistic and Time-framed:

Specific: Define what “healthier” means to you. What will you focus on?

I will eat at least 5 vegetables or fruit every day.

Measurable: How often will you do this? How much will you do? What will you track and how?

I will eat one serving at breakfast and two servings at both lunch and dinner.

Action-oriented: Focus on the behaviour or activity you will change.

  • I will plan meals that include veggies and fruit, and grocery shop on Sundays.
  • I will add thawed frozen berries to my oatmeal.
  • I will keep cut up carrots, celery and peppers in the fridge.
  • I will pack an apple, banana or pear in my lunch every day.
  • I will add a side salad to my dinners.
  • I will keep frozen veggies on hand so I can meet my goal even in a pinch.

Realistic: Can you see yourself sticking to this goal forever? Stay motivated by setting smaller goals and adding on as you achieve them.

I currently eat about 3 vegetables or fruit each day, so increasing to 5 will take effort and planning, but I’m confident I can achieve it.

Time-framed: When will you start? How long will it take you to reach your goal?

I will plan meals and shop this Sunday at 3:00 to set myself up for success. I will continue to work toward this lifelong goal forever!

Remember, a SMART goal needs to be specific to you, your lifestyle and your goals!

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