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Healthy Snacking for Healthy Teeth

Sugary snack foods can lead to cavities. Plaque is a sticky, clear film that forms on our teeth every day. Plaque contains germs (bacteria) that stick to teeth. The sugar in food and drinks reacts with plaque to form an acid that eats away the hard outer layer (enamel). Over time, this acid will make a hole in the enamel creating a cavity or dental decay.

Eating healthy, nutritious food is good for teeth, gums and general health. This is especially important for your growing child.

  • Offer healthy snacks of fresh fruit, cheese, milk and crackers.
  • Water is the best drink for quenching your child’s thirst between meals.
  • Limit fruit juice to mealtimes.
  • Cut down on candies, sweets and drinks with sugar.
  • When your child does have candies or sweet or sticky food, brush their teeth.