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Nuva Ring

  • Nuva ring is a flexible ring about 2 inches in diameter
  • Once a month, you insert Nuva ring into your vagina where it slowly releases a combination of contraceptive hormones called estrogen and progesterone
  • Nuva ring acts like a combination contraceptive pill because it releases hormones necessary to prevent your ovaries from producing mature eggs
  • You must visit the Sexual health clinic to see a clinic nurse


  • Nuva ring is inserted into the vagina on the first day of your period. It can then stay in place for 21 days
  • After 21 days, you take Nuva ring out for 7 days allowing your body to have a period
  • After 7 days you will insert a new ring and continue to be protected against pregnancy

Effectiveness 99%

Average cost

$10.00 per month from the health unit


  • Low incidence of side effects commonly associated with hormonal contraceptives
  • Only needs to be inserted once a month
  • Can’t be felt while in place


  • Must see a clinic nurse or doctor to get
  • Nuva ring prescription
  • Doesn’t protect against STI/HIV
  • A rare side effect would be a blood clot women over 35 and smoke increase their risk of blood clots while on Nuva ring or other combined hormonal methods

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