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Stroke Prevention

What is a stroke?

A stroke occurs where there is not enough blood flowing to the brain. Most strokes care caused by a blood clot inside a blood vessel going to the brain. The blood clot blocks the normal flow of blood to the brain.

How can I eat to decrease risk of stroke?

Choose foods that are low in fat (especially saturated and trans fat), like low fat meat and dairy products. Also choose foods low in sodium. Eat lots of vegetables, fruit and whole grains every day. This diet will give you high amounts of potassium, calcium, fiber and magnesium which help to control blood pressure.

Step Up to a Healthier You

The Step Up to a Healthier You Online Program is to promote a healthy lifestyle, reducing your risk of stroke and other chronic diseases. The free educational session will allow you to explore information at your own pace and from the convenience of your computer.

Visit the website here!

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