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The Pill

Contains the hormones estrogen and progesterone. These are the same hormones provided by your body. Keep in mind the pill only protects you against pregnancy, not STI’s. Condoms should always be used to reduce the risk of STI/HIV.

These hormones:

  • Stops the ovaries from releasing an egg each month.
  • Thickens cervical mucous so the sperm can’t make it to the cervix.
  • Changes the lining of the uterus so implantation does not occur.

You must visit the sexual health clinic to see a clinic nurse.


  1. You start taking the pill according to either how the clinic nurse or your doctor tells you. Always start a new package on the same day each month. Take one pill at the same time everyday.

How to take the birth control pill and maintenance instructions

What to do if you miss 1 hormonal pill:

  1. Take the missed pill as soon as you remember. Missed pills increase the chance of pregnancy.


  • 99.9% when taken correctly


  • Reliable method of birth control when used correctly
  • May improve acne
  • Regular and lighter periods
  • Less menstrual cramping


  • Must see a clinic nurse or your family physician for a prescription
  • Doesn’t protect against STI/HIV
  • Slight increased risk of blood clots, go to emergency room.
  • Side effects may include slight weight gain, moodiness, headache

Women’s Services 1-800-265-8076

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