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Vaginal Contraceptive Film

VCF is a very thin square of material containing spermicide. It is inserted into the vagina next to the cervix and quickly dissolves. The spermicide in the VCF kills sperm.

Limited effectiveness when used alone. Should be used with condoms.


  • Inserted into the vagina at least 15 minutes before sex
  • Must be used within 1 hour of insertion
  • Insert a new VCF before every act of sex
  • Average cost $10.00 for a box of 6 at the drug store


  • Does not require a prescription
  • Convenient and comfortable to use


  • Requires planning at least 15 minutes before sex
  • May cause irritation
  • Can be messy
  • Needs new insertion for every act of sex
  • Does not protect against STD/HIV

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