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The vas deferens (the tubes that carry sperm from the testicles during ejaculation) are cut.

This prevents the sperm from being present during ejaculation


This is a medical operation done in a hospital or doctors office. The area is frozen. he doctor cuts the vas deferens tubes. This procedure takes about 20 minutes. After a vasectomy, a man can still ejaculate and experience orgasm

Effectiveness – 99%

Average cost – Covered by provincial health card


  • No long term health risks after surgery.
  • Covered by provincial health insurance.
  • Less risk than female sterilization.
  • No future worries about birth control.


  • Not immediately effective.
  • Most use another method of birth control until 3 negative sperm tests are done.
  • Invasive procedure.
  • Involves some post-op pain.
  • Some men experience fear of post-op impotence.
  • Permanent, irreversible.
  • Does not protect against STD/HIV.

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