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Vitamin D and Breastfeeding

Vitamin D and Breastfed Babies

Health Canada recommends that all breastfed babies in Canada get a daily vitamin D supplement of 400 IU (10μg). A liquid vitamin D supplement can be bought at your local pharmacy. Always follow the instructions on the package for how to give the vitamin safely. Continue to give your baby vitamin D for as long they are receiving breast milk.

Only breastfeeding is recommended for the first 6 months. Continue breastfeeding for up to 2 years and beyond. At 6 months you can start feeding your baby solid foods along with breast milk.

Why is Vitamin D Important?

Your baby needs vitamin D to grow well. It helps build healthy bones and teeth. Babies who don’t get enough vitamin D might get sick and have weak bones and teeth.

Vitamin D is formed naturally when skin is in direct sunlight. In Canada, the sun is not strong enough during the year for babies to make the vitamin D they need through their skin. Also, babies should stay out of direct sunlight.


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