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Health Topics - Growth and Development

  • Communication check list

    Please keep this Checklist for your own records. If you answered NO to the questions, then you can refer any child for a Speech Assessment . . .

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  • Healthy Growth and Development

    For Babies/Children As parents or caregivers, it is important to realize that there are many factors that contribute to the healthy growth and development of children. Maintaining physical health, including proper nutrition, healthy pregnancy, safe environments and detection of early developmental problems, are important for a child’s future. Children who develop secure attachments to parents […]

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  • Normal Growth for babies

    As your baby grows we know that they are on a healthy path when they reach a variety of milestones.These include the Nipissing District Developmental Screen, observing baby’s overall look, weight gain and length.The information on expected growth is intended for babies who are born full term and are healthy. Is Baby Getting Enough to […]

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  • Tracking Your Child's Development

    Why is it important to track my child’s development? Identifying and responding to your child’s developmental needs as early as possible can make a big difference. Advantages for your child: Access important services and supports early Improve key skills needed to support learning Feeling good about themselves Advantages for parents: Learn about activities that you […]

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