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Health Topics - Safety

  • Bullying

    Research in Canada has shown that up to 30% of children are bullied at school and 10 % of children are bullied on an ongoing basis. In addition, 15% of Canadian children in grades 1 to 8 report they have been bullied and 85% of bullying happens in front of others. Adults experience forms of […]

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  • Child Safety

    Find out more information about child safety including dental emergencies, kitchen booster seats and car seats.

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  • Cold Weather Safety

    Find out more information about cold weather injuries, emergency planning, flu & cold prevention, frostbite, hypothermia, safe snow shoveling, walking in the winter, winter driving, winter health and safety and sun safety in the winter.

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  • Hot Weather Safety

    Find out more information on heat-related illnesses, hot weather safety guidelines and safe summer driving.

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  • Infant Safety

    Babies move in the first few months of life, but their movements happen because of reflexes. First, babies learn to control their heads and necks. By three to four months your baby can lift up their head. By four to twelve months, babies learn to roll over, bring their feet to their mouth, later to […]

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  • On and Off Road Safety

    Find out more information on adult safe cycling, ATV's, Helmet use, motor vehicle crash prevention and the Share the Road campaign.

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  • Pedestrian Safety

    Outdoor falls are often due to environmental hazards rather than physical factors. Uneven sidewalks, debris, wet leaves and ice all contribute to an increased risk of falls for all age groups. Being alert to hazards and wearing appropriate footwear and clothing will reduce your personal risk of a fall. Check out the following link for […]

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  • Safer Sex

    Find out more information about safer sex including male condoms, female condoms or the withdrawal method.

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  • School Safety

    Each year in Canada, thousands of children get hurt at the playground playing on slides, monkey bars or swings. Some children have died when their clothing or drawstrings got caught on playground equipment or fences. Since 1990 there has been a voluntary standard in Canada for playspaces and equipment. The standard is a great tool […]

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  • Slips, Trips and Falls

    For all age groups across the lifespan, falls are the leading cause of emergency room visits due to unintentional injuries. In fact, fall injuries outnumber motor vehicle crash injuries, poisonings , drowning and burns. Therefore, it’s important to note that falls can and do affect anyone.

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  • Suicide

    Find out more information about suicide by reading the resources in our suicide and mental health section.

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  • Sun Safety

    People of all ages enjoy spending time outdoors. Often it can be easy to forget that something as simple as getting fresh air or playing outside can cause harmful health effects if we do not know how to protect ourselves.

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  • Water Safety

    Whether you are taking a swim in a backyard pool, running through the lawn sprinklers or heading out to the local pool, remember to play it safe around water.

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  • Workplace Safety

    Since adults spend a good portion of their waking hours at work, it is no surprise that workplace environments cause a high percentage of injuries in this age group. Although injuries occur more often in dangerous worksite environments such as construction sites, they also happen in non-traditionally dangerous fields like in an office environment. Even […]

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