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Health Topics - Women's Health

Find out information on women's health including breast screening, emergency contraceptive pills, mammography centres, menopause, PAP tests, reproductive sexual health, and pregnancy testing and options.

  • Breast Screening

    What You Can Do – Breast Screening Since there are so many risk factors that we have no control over, early detection of breast cancer is our best line of defense. Breast screening is regular examination of a woman’s breast to find breast cancer early. If you do have breast cancer, finding it early increases […]

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  • Emergency Contraceptive Pills

    (ECP): (Plan B) You may have a need for emergency contraception after sex if: You didn’t use any birth control The condom slipped off or broke You had sex when you didn’t expect to without any birth control You missed 2 or more days in a row of birth control pills You are more than […]

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    Mammography Centres

    To be sure you are getting a high quality mammogram go to an accredited mammography centre. An accredited centre is one that meets very high standards as set by the Canadian Association of Radiologists (CAR). All Ontario Breast Screening Programs are CAR-accredited. OBSP sites, staff and equipment are checked on an ongoing basis to make […]

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  • Menopause

    PDF/Printer Friendly Version A healthy approach to menopause includes: Making informed choices. Acknowledging, discussing and reassuring each other that, “No, it is not just you who thinks it is hot in here.” Focusing on the positive aspects, accomplishments and successes of your life, Understanding that every woman is her own woman and each experience with […]

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  • PAP Tests

    Cervical Screening (PAP Test) What is the PAP test? Cervical screening is a test performed by a nurse practitioner or doctor that will show that the cells on her cervix are normal and healthy. If the cells on her cervix are abnormal, follow up and treatment can be done to prevent those cells from becoming […]

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  • Pregnancy Testing & Options

    Are you Pregnant? It is important to find out if you are pregnant. It allows you more time to make the right decision for you. If you do a home pregnancy test, make sure you get it confirmed with your health care provider. If you are not pregnant, and you don’t want to be pregnant, […]

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  • Reproductive Sexual Health

    Maintaining physical and sexual health is important. Sexually active women need to have regular PAP testing and a physical exam done by a family doctor or nurse practitioner. Men and women need to be “Breast Aware” in order to identify and treat breast cancer early. Men need to become comfortable with their testicles and learn […]

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