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Drinking Water Hauler Inspection Program

water hauler inspection sticker

What is a Drinking Water Hauler?

  • Drinking water haulage vehicles transport potable water in a water tank fixed to a truck.
  • Water Haulers supply water to homes that are serviced by cisterns or wells with unreliable water yield or unsafe water quality.
  • Water Haulers may also provide water in emergency situations to municipalities, businesses, and homes when a risk to public health has been identified.

What is the Haldimand–Norfolk Health Unit’s (HNHU) Drinking Water Hauler Inspection Program?

  • The HNHU inspects drinking water haulage vehicles annually to ensure operators are in compliance with the Ministry of Health and Long-term Care guidelines.
  • Provincial guidelines ensure that drinking water haulage companies obtain water from approved sources and that the water is not contaminated during transport.

How can I tell if the Water Hauler that delivers my water has been inspected?

  • Companies that have been inspected and are in good standing with the HNHU requirements will be listed on this webpage.
  • Inspected vehicles will also have a sticker from the HNHU that will be updated each year, with their annual inspection. The year is displayed on the sticker.
  • If a vehicle does not have a sticker and is not listed below, it has either not been inspected by the HNHU or did not meet inspection standards.

If you any questions about the Drinking Water Hauler Inspection program please contact the HNHU at 519-426-6170 or 905-318-6623 to speak with a Public Health Inspector.


Local Drinking Water Haulers that have been inspected and are in good standing with the Haldimand-Norfolk Health Unit’s program requirements:

Haulage Facility Last Inspection Date
Cam The Water Man October 10, 2019
Wayne’s Water Wagon October 9, 2019
H20 to Go December 17, 2018
Schweyer’s Water Haulage November 19, 2018
Heeg’s Water Hauling October 31, 2018
Lakeshore Water Haulage December 7, 2017
Hoover’s Water Haulage November 24, 2017
A1 Water Haulage November 22, 2017
John Schmidt Water Haulage November 22, 2017
Shirton Water Haulage November 20, 2017
Trickett’s Water Service November 14, 2017
B&Z Trucking November 14, 2017
Carpenter Water Ltd. July 5, 2017
Norm’s Water Haulage June 21, 2017
Tietz Water Haulage June 21, 2017
Moerschfelder Water June 21, 2017
Wilson Water Haulage May 24, 2017

Water hauler list last updated August 2019.



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