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Food Concession Structural Requirements

For hand washing and general clean-up purposes, the following is required:

  • Adequate supply of potable water.
  • Paper towels.
  • Soap or detergent and a disinfectant, e.g. chlorine bleach.
  • A container for storage of waste water until final disposal.
  • Where multi-service items are used, a three-compartment sink fitted with hot and cold running water is required.
  • Where single-service items are used, a two-compartment sink fitted with hot and cold running water is to be provided.
  • A hot water tank is now necessary. Most concessions will fall under this section. Candy and most specialty booths are not exempt unless everything is prepackaged or wrapped and no manufacturing is done at the site.

The walls, floors and ceilings are to be so constructed that they may be easily cleaned and maintained. Canvas canopies are acceptable. All food booths located outside are to be fitted with smooth, easily cleanable floors in the food preparation area, e.g. painted plywood which extends under all equipment.

Food and food surfaces are to be protected from contamination by means of shields, cabinets, containers, etc.

Mechanical refrigeration with an accurate indicating reading thermometer is to be provided for the storage of perishable and hazardous foods.

Only pasteurized milk and milk products from an approved source are to be sold.

Food is to be transported and stored in accordance with the Regulation. For this purpose, hot foods shall be maintained at 140°F (60°C) or above, and cold foods at 40°F (4°C) or below, until they are sold. A holding oven fitted with a direct reading thermometer is necessary if perishable goods such as hamburgers, hotdogs, fish and chicken are to be precooked and kept hot for immediate sale. Holding these products on top of grills or stoves is not acceptable. Where perishable foods are normally displayed, an artificial subsitute is recommended.

Where direct connection to the sewer is not possible, each concessionaire is responsible for the proper storage of waste water until final disposal. Waste containers must be of a sufficient size to hold a half day’s waste and be easily transportable, e.g. on wheels or cart. It is the responsibility of the concessionaire to find out the location of the nearest waste disposal station.

Food Handling Safety Requirements

  1. Only single-service (disposable), cups, plates and utensils are to be used unless approved dishwashing facilities and hot and cold running water is readily available. For
    example, a three compartment sink or a commercial dishwasher would meet this requirement.
  2. Adequate garbage receptacles are to be provided throughout the area. Garbage is to be collected immediately upon completion of the event and properly stored in a covered container until final disposal.
  3. All personnel preparing or handling food shall:
    1. be free from any infectious disease including boils and skin rashes
    2. wear proper hair restraints (hairnets or caps)
    3. wash their hands using soap and water after visiting the washroom
    4. wear clean outer garments including aprons or kitchen whites
  4. Where food is prepared, the following items are to be set up for use:
      1. sinks and an adequate supply of hot and cold potable water
      2. liquid soap
      3. paper towels
      4. bleach or other approved disinfectant

    These items are to be used for cleaning and disinfecting utensils that come in contact with food being prepared, ie. knives, forks, etc., and general sanitation purposes such as hand washing after raw or cooked foods are handled.


    All perishable foods are to be transported and displayed, sold or offered for sale at 40°F (4°C), or below for cold holding and at 140°F (60°C) or above for hot holding. Mechanical refrigeration must therefore be provided to keep cold food at proper temperatures for sustained periods of time. The fridge unit must have a recording thermometer present to display the temperature.

  6. Washrooms are to be supplied and maintained with adequate supplies of soap and paper towels throughout the event.

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