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Food Recalls & Allergy Alerts

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The Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) is a federal regulatory agency that issues alerts to warn the public of a food product that may be potentially unsafe to consume. These are known as Food Recall Alerts. These alerts are issued by the CFIA when there is reason to believe that a food product may be contaminated with bacteria, viruses, parasites, chemicals, or materials such as glass or metal fragments.

In addition to Food Recall Alerts, the CFIA also informs the public when food products may contain an ingredient that was not included on the label. These alerts are called Allergy Alerts. Common Allergy Alerts include undeclared wheat, milk, mustard and eggs, to name a few.

Being informed about Food Recall Alerts and Allergy Alerts is helpful, and practical, and in some cases, it can be lifesaving.


To learn more about food recalls and to get the most up-to-date list of foods that have been recalled visit:

Recalls and safety alerts —