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High Chair Safety

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Tips for keeping your child safe
To prepare for independent feeding, the highchair when used according to manufacturers’ instructions is a safe place to learn that new skill.

Did you know? Many children are injured by falling from highchairs. Most of the falls are when a child stands in the highchair. The falls result in head, neck and facial injuries.


  • Put together and take care of your child’s highchair according to manufacturer’s instructions.
  • Make sure your child’s highchair has a sturdy, wide base to stop it from tipping.
  • Keep all straps in good condition and free from frays.
  • Make sure that your child’s hands, arms and legs are clear of any moving parts before adjusting the highchair or tray.
  • Every time your child is placed in the seat, securely fasten the waist belt and the strap between the child’s legs. Also, make sure the tray is locked securely in place.
  • Your child should always have adult supervision when in the highchair.
  • Keep the chair a safe distance away from walls, doors, windows and appliances. Your child could use his or her feet to push against the furniture and cause the highchair to tip.
  • To avoid strangulation, keep the highchair away from blind cords. Blind cords should be safely secured and out your child’s reach.

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