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Playground Safety


Each year in Canada, thousands of children get hurt at the playground playing on slides, monkey bars or swings. Some children have died when their clothing or drawstrings got caught on playground equipment or fences. Since 1990 there has been a voluntary standard in Canada for playspaces and equipment. The standard is a great tool but it only covers the equipment installed. Parents and caregivers still have some work to do to ensure their children are safe on a public playground.

Before you go to the park

  • Choose the right park for your child. Not all equipment is meant for all children, so if you have toddlers, find a park designed with equipment for younger children.
  • Make sure all cords and drawstrings are removed from jackets and other clothing.
  • Take a first aid kit and a cell phone for any emergencies.

At the park

  • Teach children the rules to follow on the playground. Preschoolers should be able to learn up to three rules eg: wait your turn, slide down feet first, sit down on slides and swings.
  • Check around all equipment for broken glass, discarded needles, animal feces etc.
  • Remove any ropes tied to the equipment.
  • Check metal slides to ensure they are not too hot to play on.
  • Make sure children remove bicycle helmets before going on the equipment.


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