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Tips for Safer Drinking

  • Set limits for yourself and stick to them. Use Canada’s Low-Risk Alcohol Drinking Guidelines which recommends drinking no more than 10 drinks a week for women, with no more than 2 drinks a day most days and 15 drinks a week for men, with no more than 3 drinks a day most days to reduce your long-term health risks.
  • Plan non-drinking days every week to avoid developing a habit.
  • Reduce your risk of injury and harm by drinking no more than 3 drinks (for women) or 4 drinks (for men) on any single occasion.
  • Drink slowly. Have no more than 2 drinks in any 3 hours. For every drink of alcohol, have one non-alcoholic drink.
  • Eat before and while you are drinking.
  • Always consider your age, body weight and health problems that might suggest lower limits.
  • Do not drink when you are:
    • driving a vehicle or using machinery and tools
    • taking medicine or other drugs that interact with alcohol
    • doing any kind of dangerous physical activity
    • living with mental or physical health problems
    • living with alcohol dependence
    • pregnant or planning to be pregnant
    • responsible for the safety of others
    • making important decisions
  • Teens should delay their drinking as alcohol can harm the brain and body develop.

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