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Health Topics - Birth Control

  • Abstinence

    No sexual activity that may result in the exchange of body fluids taking place. Partners agree not to participate in sexual activity. Effectiveness 100% This is the only 100% method of birth control. Pros Encourages communication in the relationship Abstinence encourages the use of other ways to please each other sexually Is a good method […]

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  • Birth Control and Breastfeeding

    There are various options for birth control while breastfeeding. Some may affect your milk supply more than others.

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  • Calendar Method

    Requires keeping track of your menstrual cycles and taking vaginal mucous and body temperature readings. When using this method, don’t have sex during the fertile days (when you are most at risk for pregnancy). Procedure Discuss this with your doctor or the staff at the sexual health clinic. Effectiveness 60-70% Average Cost Cost of calendar […]

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  • Condom (Female)

    A loose fitting pouch that is placed inside the vagina to prevent sperm from being ejaculated into a women’s vagina. Held in place with soft rings at each end, one is placed near the cervix and the other remains outside the vagina. Using the female condom: Note: Practice putting in the female condom a few […]

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  • Condom (Male)

    Effectiveness 80-90% Average cost Available for free at Health Unit $7.00-$10.00 per package of 12 at the drug store Pros Available at drug stores, supermarkets Acts as a barrier to reduce the risk of STI/HIV Cons Requires skill to use correctly to prevent and convenience stores breakage May cause decreased sensation for some people [ […]

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  • Consent

    Cycling Through Consent – Video   Women’s Services Haldimand-Norfolk, Women’s Services Crisis/Support Line: 1-800-265-8076 Business Line: 519-426-8048, Direct Line: 519-428-4295 Fax: 519-426-8654 Email: [email protected])

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  • Depo-Provera

    (“the Needle”) A hormonal method of birth control given by injection Contains the hormone progesterone Reduces the risk of pregnancy by reducing ovulation, the production of eggs in the ovaries Requires on shot every 12 weeks You must visit your family doctor to have this injection.  The Haldimand-Norfolk Health unit does not provide Depo Provera. […]

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  • Diaphragm

    PDF/Printer Friendly Version What is a diaphragm and how does it work? A diaphragm is a soft, thin, dome shaped rubber cup with a flexible rim. Spermicidal jelly is placed inside the dome of the diaphragm and it is then placed high in the vagina to hold the spermicide against the cervix. The diaphragm comes in different sizes […]

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  • Emergency Contraceptive Pills

    (ECP): (Plan B) You may have a need for emergency contraception after sex if: You didn’t use any birth control The condom slipped off or broke You had sex when you didn’t expect to without any birth control You missed 2 or more days in a row of birth control pills You are more than […]

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  • Evra (The Patch)

    Similar to the pill, it contains the hormones estrogen and progesterone. The Evra patch reduces pregnancy risk by releasing these hormones into the bloodstream through the skin. These hormones: Stop the ovaries from releasing an egg each month Thickens cervical mucous to make it difficult for sperm to pass through Changes the lining of the […]

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  • IUD's

    Intra Uterine Device (IUD)/Intra Uterine System Intra uterine meaning within the uterus. An IUD is a specially shaped piece of plastic wrapped in copper and inserted in the uterus by a doctor. An IUS (Mirena by Bayer)is also a specially shaped plastic IUD which releases a hormone similar to progesterone that is inserted into the […]

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  • Lactational Amenorrhea Method (LAM)

    Lactational amenorrhea method (LAM) refers to the normal cessation of menstrual periods for the months a woman is exclusively breastfeeding. During this time, ovulation doesn’t occur. LAM is a temporary method of contraception. To maintain effective protection against pregnancy, another method of contraception must be used once the criteria are no longer being met. The […]

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  • Nuva Ring

    Nuva ring is a flexible ring about 2 inches in diameter Once a month, you insert Nuva ring into your vagina where it slowly releases a combination of contraceptive hormones called estrogen and progesterone Nuva ring acts like a combination contraceptive pill because it releases hormones necessary to prevent your ovaries from producing mature eggs […]

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  • Spermicide/Foam/Jelly

    Spermicides are chemicals which kill sperm on contact Available in many forms (foam, jellies) Limited effectiveness if used alone. Should be used with condoms Procedure: Jellies and foams are inserted with an applicator into the vagina just before sex Wait 15 minutes after insertion to allow it to work Most effective when used within one […]

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  • The Pill

    Contains the hormones estrogen and progesterone. These are the same hormones provided by your body. Keep in mind the pill only protects you against pregnancy, not STI’s. Condoms should always be used to reduce the risk of STI/HIV. These hormones: Stops the ovaries from releasing an egg each month. Thickens cervical mucous so the sperm […]

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  • The Sponge

    Barrier method using a spermicide covered sponge which blocks the cervix and kills sperm in the vagina. Procedure: Inserted into the vagina against the cervix up to 24 hours before intercourse Needs to be left in place for at least 6 hours after sex Effectiveness 70-75% Average Cost $8.00-$10.00 for a package of 3 Pros […]

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  • Tubal Ligation

    A surgical procedure for women done in a hospital under a general or local anaesthetic. The fallopian tubes are closed or tied off to prevent eggs from being fertilized and from travelling and implanting in the uterus. Procedure: This is a medical operation done in a hospital. Effectiveness 99% Average cost Covered by your provincial […]

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  • Vaginal Contraceptive Film

    VCF is a very thin square of material containing spermicide. It is inserted into the vagina next to the cervix and quickly dissolves. The spermicide in the VCF kills sperm. Limited effectiveness when used alone. Should be used with condoms. Procedure: Inserted into the vagina at least 15 minutes before sex Must be used within […]

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  • Vasectomy

    The vas deferens (the tubes that carry sperm from the testicles during ejaculation) are cut. This prevents the sperm from being present during ejaculation Procedure: This is a medical operation done in a hospital or doctors office. The area is frozen. he doctor cuts the vas deferens tubes. This procedure takes about 20 minutes. After […]

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  • Withdrawal

    Involves removing the penis from the vagina just before ejaculation. Procedure: Male partner withdraws his penis from the vagina when he feels he is about to ejaculate. Because ejaculation is hard to either predict or control, many men are not able to withdraw in time. Effectiveness This method has a high failure rate Average cost […]

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