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Health Topics - Body Piercings

  • Body Piercings

    PDF/Printer Friendly Version After Care Information This document has been prepared to provide information on how to care for your piercing while it is healing. A hair salon or jewelry store may have provided you with this information if your ear lobe was pierced using a piercing gun. Professional body piercers are required to provide you […]

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  • Ear Piercing

    Things to know before you get your ears pierced There are two ways to have your ears pierced, with a hollow sterile needle or a piercing “gun” or “device.” Most tattoo and piercing shops will use the hollow sterile needle, while hair salons or spas will use the “gun” or “device.” Things to Look For […]

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  • Ear piercing guideline

    Contact surfaces must have a smooth non absorbent finish. Work area must be well lit. Setting must be equipped with at least one sink for hand washing which is conveniently located near work area but at least one metre away from clean or sterile supplies. Sinks must be continuously supplied with potable hot and cold […]

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  • Oral Piercing

    PDF/Printer Friendly Version Tongue piercing remains a trend despite the dangers to oral health. People with tongue piercings chip their teeth on the jewellery while eating, sleeping, talking and chewing. The fracture can be confined to tooth enamel and require a filling, or it may go deeper, which can lead to a root canal or […]

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