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Health Topics - Caring for the Mother of the New Baby

  • Getting Ready for the Birth

    In the last few months of pregnancy, there are a few things to think about. Remember the signs of premature labour (more information in A Healthy Start for Baby and Me, available from Best Start You may also go into labour a week or two before or after your due date. The following are […]

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  • Mother’s Care and Well-being after Birth

    Reasons to call your health-care provider fever over 38oC (100.4oF) prolonged or increased pain (especially in legs) foul smelling vaginal discharge burning, frequent or difficult urination cough or shortness of breath very heavy bleeding clots bigger than a plum fainting or dizzy spells flu-like symptoms – chills, achy all over severe headache not helped by […]

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  • Taking Care of Feelings

    Pregnancy and the birth of a baby bring about many changes in your life. Adjusting to them is not always easy. Aside from the physical demands, there are many emotional changes. Postpartum Blues (affects 4 of 5 women) About 3 to 5 days after giving birth, you may have a few days of emotional distress […]

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  • Breast Health

    It is never too early to learn about breast health and the early detection of breast cancer. The main risk factors for breast cancer are being a woman and increasing age. Eighty per cent of women diagnosed with breast cancer have NO family history or other identifiable risk factors for the disease. However, the number […]

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  • Healthy Weights after Pregnancy

    Weight loss after pregnancy takes time, but it’s possible. Concentrate on a healthy diet and include physical activity in your daily routine. During pregnancy, healthy women gain as much as 10 pounds of fat as stored energy. This stored fat supplies energy needed for breastfeeding. Eat according to Canada’s Food Guide, and focus on foods […]

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