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Health Topics - Safer Sex

Find out more information about safer sex including male condoms, female condoms or the withdrawal method.

  • Condom (Female)

    A loose fitting pouch that is placed inside the vagina to prevent sperm from being ejaculated into a women’s vagina. Held in place with soft rings at each end, one is placed near the cervix and the other remains outside the vagina. Using the female condom: Note: Practice putting in the female condom a few […]

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  • Male Condom

    Effectiveness 80-90% Average cost $7.00-$10.00 per package of 12 at the drug store Free from the Health Unit Pros Available at drug stores, supermarkets Acts as a barrier to reduce the risk of STD/HIV Cons Requires skill to use correctly to prevent and convenience stores breakage May cause decreased sensation for some people [ other […]

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  • Withdrawal

    Involves removing the penis from the vagina just before ejaculation. Procedure: Male partner withdraws his penis from the vagina when he feels he is about to ejaculate. Because ejaculation is hard to either predict or control, many men are not able to withdraw in time. Effectiveness This method has a high failure rate Average cost […]

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