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Health Topics - Speech and Language

  • Communication check list

    Please keep this Checklist for your own records. If you answered NO to the questions, then you can refer any child for a Speech Assessment . . .

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  • Fluency

    NORMAL DYSFLUENCY Speech has a natural rhythm or flow. When that flow is interrupted, we think of it as stuttering, or dysfluency. Interruptions might take the form of repeated sounds, repeated words, stretched-out sounds or hesitations. Such interruptions are common in the speech of young children. They have new experiences that they want to talk […]

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  • Newborn Hearing Screening

      Please note:  The Haldimand-Norfolk Health Unit no longer provides Newborn Hearing Screening. If you require these services, please contact Affiliated Services For Children And Youth (ASCY) at 905-385-7927 ext. 221 or fax 905-385-3244  

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  • Ontario Association for Families of Children with Communication Disorders

    A Parent Support Organization Their vision is that all children will have access to a continuum of speech and language services to support their successful participation at home, in school and in the community. Their mission is to work with families and community partners to ensure children have access to effective speech and language services. To […]

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  • Reading to my child

    PDF/Printer Friendly Version Introduce the story by looking at the picture on the cover. Ask if they can guess what it is about. Ask, “Where are the words?”, and explain that the words are the title of the story. Words Point to the words as you read. This highlights awareness of words and lets children […]

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  • Signing

    Questions and Answers about Signing What is signing? Signing is a way of communicating with other people through movements of the hands. Who uses signing? Lots of people use sign to communicate. Some signers are deaf, and need to use a communication system that they can see. Others have normal hearing. They use sign because […]

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  • Speech (Preschool Speech)

    Please note: The Haldimand-Norfolk Health Unit no longer provides the Preschool Speech and Language program. If you require these services, please contact Lansdowne Children Centers at 519-753-3153 ext. 249 or fax 519-753- 5927.

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  • Vision

    The Eye See Eye Learn program will be rolled out for the fall of 2013 in Brant, Halidmand and Norfolk. Parents who register their JK student in school for 2013 will receive information regarding ESEL in their registration packages from the schools. To learn more about the Eye See Eye Learn program please visit the […]

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