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Health Unit has new logo

SIMCOE, ON, MARCH 4, 2009 – The Haldimand-Norfolk Health Unit has a new logo.
“We found the old logo just wasn’t doing the trick. The wording would sometimes get blurry when the logo appeared in newspaper ads,” said Communications Coordinator Robert Roth. “The new design is clear, crisp and has a modern sweep that makes it much more eye-catching.”

The new logo features the words “Health Unit” in prominent lettering, with the words “Haldimand-Norfolk” below. The logo also features a stylized line that runs through the logo, forming part of the H.”

“The rising line signifies a forward, upward, expanding movement for the protection and enhancement of public health in the two counties,” Roth explained. “The colour scheme is green and gold because both Haldimand and Norfolk counties use those colours in their corporate identities.”

The old logo worked fine when run large, but the thin type often vanished when used in smaller ads or promotional materials, Roth explained.

“We are working with community partners more and more, and found that when we reduced our logo to fit alongside our partners’ logos, our wording would vanish. A logo you can’t read is of no use, especially when you’re trying to reach out to the public and make them aware of what services are being offered.”

The new logo, which was designed by Health Unit graphic artists, will be phased in as old letterhead and other materials are used up.

“We want to make the transition cost-effective,” Roth explained, “As a result, people may still see the old logo displayed from time to time on older materials.”

Media Contact
Robert Roth, Communications Coordinator, Haldimand-Norfolk Health Unit
519-426-6170 Ext. 3259 or 905-318-6623 Ext. 3259