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Cradle Cap

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Cradle cap is an oily, yellow scaling or crusting on a baby’s scalp. The affected regions are not usually itchy and do not bother  baby. Other affected areas can include the eyelids, ear, around the nose and in the groin.


Cradle cap is the buildup of sticky skin oils, and scales and not caused by a bacterial infection, allergy, nor from poor hygiene. Cradle cap is not contagious. The two most common causes of are fungal infection and overactive sebaceous glands.


  • Cradle cap is not harmful to your baby. Home treatment is usually all that is needed for cradle cap.
  • An hour before shampooing, rub your baby’s scalp with baby oil, mineral oil or breast milk to help lift the crusts and loosen scales.
  • When ready to shampoo, first get the scalp wet then gently scrub the scalp with a soft-bristle brush for a few minutes to remove the scales. You can also try gently removing the scales with a fine tooth comb.
  • Then wash the scalp with baby shampoo rinse well and gently towel dry. Do not try to pick off the flakes.
  • Talk to your Dr. If cradle cap is severe, if any bleeding or it spreads to any other part of babies body.

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