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Informed Decision

Feeding Decision

It is important to know that adding formula to your baby’s diet will decrease your milk supply. Once breastfeeding is stopped it may be difficult to start again. Feeding breast milk is important for you and your baby. Formula does not have the natural, health promoting ingredients of breast milk.

It is important to make an educated and informed choice when deciding how to feed your baby. If you need more information about feeding your baby, please call 519-426-6170 ext. 3237.

If formula feeding is your decision, most infants should be given an iron-fortified, cow’s milk-based infant formula. This is the only food that should be given for the first 6 months. It should be used until your baby is 9 to 12 months old and able to eat a variety of food.

See Feeding Your Baby Infant Formula for more information.

Sample Menus for Baby: Formula

Visit the Health Canada website for recent food recalls and safety alerts, including formula recalls.

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