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Sharps (needles)

Disposal kiosks

There are now sharps disposal kiosks around Haldimand and Norfolk counties. These can be used by people who do not want to bring sharps containers/needles into health unit offices, pharmacies, or people who cannot or do not want to come by during office hours. The kiosks will take loose needles or needles in containers (such as sharps containers, pop bottles, or bleach containers). There are kiosks at the following locations:


HNHU-Simcoe (GAB), 12 Gilbertson Drive, Simcoe

HNHU-Caledonia, 100 Haddington St, Caledonia

HNHU-Dunnville, 117 Forest Street East, Dunnville

Lions Park 640 Lock St., W, Dunnville, ON

180 Queen Street (alley beside Dollarama), Dunnville

Cayuga Kinsmen Ball Park – 16 Ottawa St S, Cayuga, ON
Haldimand County Hagersville Satellite Office – 1 Main St S, Hagersville
Simcoe Memorial Park – 273 Owen St, Simcoe, ON
Simcoe Kinsmen Park (Near Pavillion) – 281 Head St N, Simcoe, ON
Near Lions Park and L.E. & N Trail – Just North of Queensway St. Close
to Health Unit at 12 Gilbertson Drive, Simcoe, ON
50 Colborne Street South, Simcoe (outside Simcoe Library/CAB)
83 Sydenham Street, Simcoe (behind former LCBO)
Delhi Administration Office (DAB), 183 Main Street, Delhi
Waterford Heritage Trail, Ponds, Shadow Lake Trail Head – 77 Alice St,
Waterford, ON
Port Dover Public Library Branch – 713 St. George Street, Port Dover, ON
Port Rowan Public Library Branch – 1034 Bay Street, Port Rowan, ON

For more on sharps disposal kiosks, click here.


Safe Needle Disposal


Finding needles

Private property

If needles are found on your private property, you can pick up a safe sharps disposal kit for free from any Health Unit office. These include sharps containers, gloves, tongs, and instructions on how to safely pick up needles. You can then drop off the sharps container at any sharps disposal kiosk, pharmacy, or Health Unit office. If needles are found on a business’ private property, it is the responsibility of the business to dispose of the needle.

Public property

If needles are found on public property, please contact ServiceNorfolk at 519-426-5870 extension 0 or 4636 (INFO) or Haldimand County Public Works Department at (905) 318-5932.

If you find needles after 4:30 p.m. on a weekday or a weekend, contact the Ontario Provincial Police (OPP) to inform them of the incident and arrange a pick up of the needle(s) at *677 from a cellular device or 1-888-340-1122. Do not dial 911.

You can report needles that you find in the community anonymously to HNHU. This information is collected for surveillance and harm reduction planning purposes. Needles reported through this form will not necessarily be picked up by HNHU staff. Contact either Norfolk County Public Works and Environmental Services, Haldimand County Public Works Department, or the OPP if the needle is on public property. Report needles here.

Anonymous online reporting