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Health Topics - Food Safety at Home

Find out more information on best before dates, dangers of unpasteurized beverages, food recalls & allergy alerts, and food storage guidelines.

  • Best Before Dates

    The “best before” date on a product indicates the date until which the unopened product will retain its durable life, and must include proper storage instructions. “Packaged On” Dates: The “packaged on” date is placed on products when they are packaged at the retail store. A product containing a “packaged on” date must also include […]

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  • Dangers of Unpasteurized Beverages

    Why Pasteurize Milk, Juice or Cider? The list of diseases that can be transmitted by raw or unpasteurized milk, grape juice and apple cider is overwhelming and can include: Salmonella Campylobacter Yersinia Brucellosis Tuberculosis (TB) Shigellosis E. coli Q Fever Streptococcal Infections Listeria Cryptosporidium Hepatitis A Clostridium botulinum These diseases can cause severe diarrhea (which […]

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  • Food Recalls & Allergy Alerts

    PDF/Printer Friendly Version The Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) is a federal regulatory agency that issues alerts to warn the public of a food product that may be potentially unsafe to consume. These are known as Food Recall Alerts. These alerts are issued by the CFIA when there is reason to believe that a food […]

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  • Food Safety at Home

    Food Safety Tips for your Holiday Turkey Dangers of unpasteurized beverages Food Safety Tips Food Safety Tips For Eggs Food Safety Tips for the Holidays E-Coli Bacteria Unpasteurized Fruit Juice/Cider Washing your hands Safely Canning Food at Home Best Before Dates

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  • Food Storage Guide

    General guidelines for the shelf life of common foods. Read the label and check ‘best before’ dates if applicable. Most foods are safe to eat if stored longer, but flavour and nutritional value will deteriorate. Discard if there is evidence of spoilage. Cupboard (room temperature) Unless otherwise specified, times apply to unopened packages. Cereal Grains […]

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