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Healthy Eating

Nutrition programs and resources are available to elementary and secondary schools in Haldimand and Norfolk. These programs and resources are intended to help schools create a healthy nutrition environment.

 Does your school have a healthy food culture? Watch this short video developed by York Region to find out what this means and how schools can influence our eating habits.


Lesson Plans and Activities


  • Produced and maintained by Ontario Dietitians in Public Health, this interactive website provides tips for all educators to help teach nutrition in a positive way.
  • Explore the grade specific curriculum supports, activity ideas, and discussion prompts to help boost student well-being inside and outside of the classroom.

Media Smarts

  • Lesson plans and activities on food marketing, body image, cyberbullying and other digital and media literacy topics for K-12.

Growing Chefs! Ontario

  • Growing Chefs! Ontario lesson plans are designed to help meet Learning Expectations cited in the Ontario Elementary Curriculum and to promote positive, respectful learning and exploration of culture and diversity through food in a fun and interactive manner.

Additional Resources

PPM-150: School Food and Beverage Policy

  • Includes information about the School Food and Beverage policy, elementary and secondary teacher resource guides, FAQs about the policy, etc.

Canada’s Food Guide or contact Haldimand-Norfolk Health Unit

  • Canada’s food guide is an online suite of tools created by Health Canada.
  • The food guide provides the general Canadian population (2 years of age and older) with recommendations to promote healthy eating and nutritional well-being.
  • Eating patterns encouraged within Canada’s food guide are flexible, diverse and include foods that hold culture, personal or religious significance.
  • Contact the Haldimand-Norfolk Health Unit for copies of Canada’s food guide-Snap shot or order them online directly from Health Canada

You’re the Chef

  • You’re the Chef is a food literacy program designed to help children and youth develop food and nutrition knowledge, food skills, and the confidence necessary to plan and prepare nutritious meals and snacks.
  • Registered dietitians from HNHU provide training and resources to school community volunteers to run the program at their respective schools.

Nurturing Healthy Eaters in Elementary Schools

  • Developed by Ontario Dietitans in Public Health, this resource describes how school community members can support students in elementary schools (grades JK – 8) to nurture healthy eating.
  • Also available in French.

Nurturing Healthy Eaters in Secondary Schools

  • Developed by Ontario Dietitans in Public Health, this resource describes how school community members can support students in secondary schools to nurture healthy eating.
  • Also available in French.

Mental Health and Weight Bias in Schools

  • Developed by Ontario Dietitians in Public Health for use with schools to provide information on mental health and weight bias.
  • This resource provides tips on what educators can do to support inclusive and safe environments for all.
  • Also available in French.

Let’s Talk About Food

  • Developed by Dairy Farmer’s of Canada’s Registered dietitians, this teaching resource explores how to talk about food and eating in the classroom using inclusive and respectful language.
  • Included is an easy to follow printable with helpful tips that are appropriate for all ages and grades.

National Eating Disorder Information Centre Workshops for Educators

  • The National Eating Disorder Information Centre (NEDIC) has developped workshops for educators with a focus on
    • Spotting the signs of disordered eating and eating disorders and supporting students who are affected
    • School climate and curriculum
  • Their goal is to provide educators with the tools to offer support to students, the information to make informed decisions, and assist in fostering a school culture that celebrates natural physical diversity, and recognizes all of the values food brings to our lives.
  • NEDIC also offers educational programming to elementary, middle school, and high school students.