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Healthy Growth & Development

Lesson Plans and Activities

OPHEA (Gr. 1-8)

  • Lesson plans, teaching supplements and activities to help implement the 2015 H&PE Curriculum

Teaching Sexual Health: Teacher Portal (Alberta-based resource)

  • Lesson plans, demonstration videos, PPT presentations, classroom tips and strategies, parent packages, print resources, etc.

Curriculum Supports

Haldimand-Norfolk Health Unit

  • Resource package with a manual/guide and DVD available on loan
  • Consultation and resource provision for staff
  • No longer able to offer classroom presentations to teach the curriculum
    • After curriculum has been taught by teacher, PHN will come in for a Q&A class if needed/desired

Always Changing (Gr. 5-9) (update)

  • Free Teacher’s Guides with lesson plans, Student Manuals and downloadable worksheets for Gr. 5-6 and Gr. 7+
  • ‘Always Changing and Growing Up’ 16-26 minute puberty education videos available online, offered in boys, girls, or co-ed versions

Human Development and Sexual Health: Teaching tips and strategies (Gr. 1-8)

Sexuality and U

  • Teaching Sexual Health Education Manual: A Primer for New Teachers, A Refresher for Experienced Teachers
  • Teaching Sex Ed for Youth with Disabilities
  • Managing Controversy
  • Classroom Presentations
  • Information on birth control and STIs

Teaching Puberty: You Can Do It

  • Training videos for grade 4-6 teachers, created by Toronto Public Health
  • PPT presentations on contraception, STIs, hygiene, puberty, etc.

The Genderbread Person

  • A youth-friendly visual that explains the difference between gender identity, gender expression and biological sex

Supplemental Resources for Fully Alive to support Catholic teachers with the 2015 Ontario Health & Physical Education curriculum, Grades 1-8

  • Developed by the Institute for Catholic Education (ICE)

Sexual health education in the schools: Questions & Answers – updated for 2015 Ontario curriculum

  • Developed by the Sex Information & Education Council of Canada (SIECCAN)

Sexually Transmitted Infection (STI) factsheets and the Canadian Guidelines for Sexual Health Education


Additional Resources 

Ontario Ministry of Education Parent Guides for 2015 Health & Physical Education

It Starts With You. It Stays With Him: Working with boys to promote gender equality in our schools (Grades 6-9)

  • E-learning modules for both students and teachers, developed in partnership with ETFO and OSSTF