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Cannabis is a product of the cannabis sativa plant that is used for its psychoactive and therapeutic effects. It comes in many forms, including as dried flowers and leaves; hash; extracts, such as oil (e.g., honey oil, phoenix tears) and shatter; and edibles (e.g., candies, butter or baked goods).

Canada’s Lower-Risk Cannabis Use Guidelines

Using cannabis is a personal choice, but it can have short- and long-term effects on your health. Cannabis can affect your thinking, physical coordination and control, and increase your risk of accidents.

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Cannabis Edibles

Edible cannabis products have many different appearances and ingredients, including how much THC and CBD are in them. Most cannabis edibles look like regular food items such as candy and chocolate.

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Health Effects

Cannabis affects people in different ways. Symptoms of “being high” on cannabis include feeling happy, relaxed, increased sociability and heightened sensation, decreased attention span, increased heart rate, slowed reaction times, trouble with thinking and problem solving and a lack of a sense of time.

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Parents: Youth and Cannabis Use

Frequent and regular cannabis use that begins early in adolescence and continues over time has been associated with increased risk of harms, some irreversible. Since youth brain development continues to the age of 25, cannabis use during adolescence has serious effects on brain development and function.

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Teen Corner

Information for teens about cannabis.

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