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Health Topics - Alcohol

Alcohol is a drug. It’s found in beer, wine and spirits, and acts as a depressant that slows down the central nervous system. The individual effects of alcohol are dependent upon gender, body weight, whether you’ve eaten and how much you drink.

  • Alcohol

    Alcohol is a drug that slows down parts of your brain. Drinking alcohol can make you feel more relaxed. It can also make it harder to think clearly, make good decisions and do various tasks. Alcohol is made by fermenting (and sometimes distilling) fruits, vegetables or grains. Alcohol itself is a clear liquid. The colour […]

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  • Alcohol Poisoning

    Alcohol poisoning can occur if too much alcohol is consumed too quickly: Alcohol poisoning is caused by drinking a lot of alcohol in a short period of time. Body is unable to metabolize the amount of alcohol that was consumed. Binge drinking is the main cause of alcohol poisoning. Symptoms are: Vomiting Unconsciousness (passed out) […]

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  • Alcohol Use and Harms in Haldimand and Norfolk Counties - Report 2018

    The aim is to use this report as a basis for discussing alcohol use and alcohol-related harms in Haldimand and Norfolk counties. The goal is to highlight that these harms are not just personal issues for those who drink, but rather an issue that affects the entire community.

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  • Binge Drinking

    Binge drinking is ingesting a lot of alcohol (5 or more drinks in a row) in a short amount of time. When consuming that much alcohol, it puts you at greater risk for risky choices, harmful behaviours and dangerous circumstances including: Misjudging a situation or what is being said. Getting into a fight (verbal or […]

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  • Canada’s Low Risk Drinking Guidelines

    When it comes to alcohol, drinking is a personal choice, and the majority of people drink responsibly. We’re not asking you to stop drinking, instead we want you to “Rethink Your Drinking”  and gradually reduce the amount of alcohol you consume as part of a healthy lifestyle. Canada’s Low-Risk Alcohol Guidelines were developed to inform […]

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  • Check your Drinking Survey

    Anonymous survey to check your drinking and designed to help you, your loved ones or your health care professional answer some questions about drinking.

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  • Drinking and Driving

    Whenever you drive, whether it is a car, truck, boat, bike, or ATV, you rely on your brain for vision, coordination, and quick response to sudden changes in your surroundings. Alcohol and other drugs, starting at very small quantities, impair drivers’ abilities, increasing the chance of potentially fatal crashes.  

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  • For Parents

    Educating your kids about alcohol and other drugs isn’t always easy. As children grow and develop, so do their social and environmental influences, increasing their chances of drug use. As a parent you are the ‘front line defence’ against the pressures your children face to experiment with substances. While it is important to talk to your kids and set expectations about substance use, it is essential to set a good example for them.

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  • Party Planning 101

    Whether you’re planning a small get together at your home or a large party somewhere else (e.g., a buck and doe, a wedding, or a prom) it is important to remember that you are responsible for the safety and behaviour of your guests. You can be held legally liable for any injuries or damages that occur, even after guests leave your party.

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  • Pregnancy and Alcohol

    Drinking alcohol during pregnancy can cause a combination of physical and mental birth defects. The term Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder (FASD) is used to describe this range of effects. There is no safe time or amount to drink alcohol during pregnancy. It is safest not to drink any alcohol at all and to stop drinking […]

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  • Rethink Your Drinking

    Rethink Your Drinking is an awareness campaign that encourages moderation or low-risk drinking to support healthy lifestyle choices and reduce short and long-term risks associated with alcohol consumption. Rethink Your Drinking – Size Matters When it comes to alcohol, Size Matters. Drinking is a personal choice. If you choose to drink, the Haldimand-Norfolk Health Unit is […]

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  • Sandy's Law

    What is Sandy’s Law? Sandy’s Law, Bill 43, is an amendment to the Liquor Licence Act. It is a private member’s bill that was introduced by MPP Ernie Parsons of Prince Edward – Hastings County (Ontario), and was inspired by his late son, Sandy, who had Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder (FASD). How does Sandy’s Law […]

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  • Tips for Safer Drinking

    Set limits for yourself and stick to them. Use Canada’s Low-Risk Alcohol Drinking Guidelines which recommends drinking no more than 10 drinks a week for women, with no more than 2 drinks a day most days and 15 drinks a week for men, with no more than 3 drinks a day most days to reduce your […]

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