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Physical Activity

Lesson Plans and Activities

OPHEA (Gr. 1-8)

  • Lesson plans, teaching supplements and activities to help implement the 2015 H&PE Curriculum

Heart & Stroke Foundation’s Heart Healthy Lesson Plans (K-8)

  • Lesson plans broken down by grade, with each grade covering topics such as the importance of physical activity, tobacco-free living, healthy eating, and general body anatomy and system functions

Active for Life

  • Resources and lesson plans for teaching physical literacy to children ages 3-12

At My Best

  • Teachers can sign up for free to access a teacher portal with lesson plans, videos and games
  • Materials designed to promote and develop children’s overall wellbeing, including physical activity, healthy eating, and emotional wellbeing
  • Two programs available, K–Gr. 3 & Gr. 4–Gr. 6
  • Created by Physical and Health Education Canada

Curriculum Supports

Passport for Life (Gr. 3-12)

  • Passport for Life is a tool that enables teachers to understand the physical literacy of their students. It assesses students in four categories: fitness skills, movement skills, active participation, and living skills. Students complete the assessments and the information is entered into the online system. Once completed, students receive a printable Passport that identifies their strengths and areas for improvement so they may set goals for improving their physical literacy. Teachers receive the results about their individual students, as well as aggregate information about the class, so they may structure their physical and health education programming appropriately. 

Canadian 24-Hour Movement Guidelines for Children and Youth

Additional Resources

Active and Safe Routes to School

  • A community-based initiative that promotes the use of active transportation for the daily trip to school, addressing health, physical activity, and traffic safety issues while taking action on air pollution and climate change.
  • Includes information and resources on initiatives such as school travel planning, international walk to school day/month, walking and wheeling to school, walking school busses, etc.


  • Hundreds of silly, energetic and fun videos that get kids active at school
  • Many are short, desk-side activities that teachers can use for brain breaks or morning warm-ups
  • Schools or classrooms can sign up for free

Active After School

  • A searchable database of more than 800 fun, safe and engaging activities for after-school programs, indoor recesses, DPA, phys. ed class, etc.
  • Can sort with filters such as group size, play area, fundamental skills, adaptations and more

10 Simple Activities to Encourage Physical Activity in the Classroom

Daily Physical Activity (DPA) resources

Primary, Junior and Intermediate DPA activity ideas

  • Created by Toronto Catholic District School Board